Lights! Camera! UNDERDOG!

We've all seen them— in movies, tv shows, in go-get-'em underdog stories and epics that "hit ya right heeere!"--


The training montages.


Shot after shot collapsing the hard road, advancing the hero from weakling novice to amateur to seasoned veteran to hardened pro in four minutes and twenty seven seconds.  Shot shout and grunt by shot shout and grunt.  It's a regular movie-going convention–– formulaic, powerful.  That extreme closeup with that warrior eye, the always-expected temporary setback. The too-real adversity that the hero faces, vaulting the pitch of that up-hill climb.  Pounding freezer-hung meat or pounding the pavement, www see the snippets that relay the story arch leading us forward to the big confrontation.


Set to hard-rockin heart-pumping bad-ass 80s hair-bands or industrial, those training montages have us thinking HECK yeah.  The underdog is going through the lessons, learning the habits, building, growing, step by step in the face of adversity.  And as our heads bop to the beat and that place in our belly excites to see such self-betterment, a little part of us thinks, "Hell yeah.  I could be that best me, too."


But it's not like that in real-life, is it.  People lose their motivation and fall off the path on the fight toward their goals when it's NOT that quick heroic montage.  When real life gets messy, as it does, the glossy veneer of those goals gets awful scratched up.


When we're juggling parenthood with financial strain and several jobs, that's not conveyed in 90 seconds of representative shots like it is in the movie:  it's not a funny 5 shot scene where you're fighting putting a baby diaper on (a symbolic shot returned to later when you're a master)–– no:  at 4AM, exhausted, you're elbow deep in baby poop that stinks and smears and doesn't come out from under your fingernails.   You're stuck LIVING that long day job, or 2nd job––– facing difficulties, stress & tedium that isn't illustrated by 15 seconds of a sigh and a shot of a ticking clock, a shot of the character at a desk studying while the water on the stove boils over––– no–– you live that moment by moment by moment.


It takes REAL time. There are no cut-aways.   Habits that lead you to your success take TIME to become engrained. That long path from beginner to pro is devastatingly long.  That temporary set-back injury takes six months to recovery from, not six shots.  Those financial brick walls that erupt up before us sometimes–––  well?   Sometimes those are the end of that heroic journey right there.


But the fight for self-betterment, for improvement––– step by ferociously difficult step––– should be all the more treasured because it's NOT the quick-snippets montage.   It's hard-earned.  It's real. It's your life. 


The habits you wish to instill, if you're to become the You that you wish you could––– it's not going to be a Hollywood training montage.  It's going to be hard.  it's going to take effort.  You're going to find yourself facing adversity, find yourself failing, and you're going to have to have the strength to stick to your will and pull yourself out of the dirt.


That's why I'm a coach.  That's why I lead the groups I do.  Because people I treasure & respect were there for me as I began my fight toward accomplishment.   Not in a montage, but for the long haul.  And it means the world to me to be there for others.


But let's get you inspired by that movie-going magic.  Check out some of that montage power at the first comment's link.