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"Amish: Out of Order", National Geographic   

Life-changing decisions are not easy, especially when consequences mean one's disassociation from one's culture. The 10-episode documentary "Amish: Out of Order" follows those who have chosen to leave their familiar life for more freedom and opportunity -- despite the decision to live among "the English" preventing them from further contact with the community.




"Table for Twelve", TLC 

"Table for 12" follows the often chaotic experiences of the Hayes clan: dad Eric, mom Betty, twin boys Kevin and Kyle, twins Kieran and Meghan, and sextuplets Tara, Rachel, Ryan, Connor, EJ and Rebecca, who has cerebral palsy.


"My Flippin' Brother", A&E


"Underdog to Wonderdog", Animal Planet 


"MTV True Life", MTV 

Since its first episode in 1998, True Life has provided a window into the struggles, hopes, and dreams of young people. 


"Rob & Big DVD Extravaganza", TLC 



"2012: Startling New Secrets", SYFY




"VORTEX2", The Weather Channel




"Tornadoes!", The Weather Channel

Episode 1: "Amish 101"

Episode 2: "Culture Clash"

Episode 3: "Can't Go Home Again"

Episode 4: "9-to-5 Amish"

Episode 5: "Amish in Public"

Episode 6: "Mending Fences"

Episode 7: "Change of Faith"

Episode 8: "Family Affairs"

Episode 9: "Living Fast"

Episode 10: "A Very Ex-Amish Christmas"



Episode 1: "Betty's Birthday"

Episode 2: "Aquarium"

Episode 3: "Special Strides"

Episode 4: "Christmas"

Episode 5: "Ice Skating"



Pilot, 4 episodes


Episode 1 | "Lucky"


"I'm Celibate"

"I'm Going to Rehab"





Popular MTV series hosts Rob & Big celebrate the release of their Season 2 box set in an hour-long episode of recaps & hijinx

Host Lester Holt travels across 3 continents to speak with researchers researching conflicting interpretations of the Mayan calendar and those readily preparing to survive oblivion.


A team of renowned scientists take phenomenal risks to test the most sophisticated mani-faceted tornado system.


Meteorologists explore the ferocious destructive power of the world's most vicious Cat-4 and Cat-5 tornadoes, and what, if anything, cities can do to prepare for their impact.


"Float Away", Chen Lo & the Lo Frequency

"Give It All Up", Chen Lo

"Slide", Chen Lo

"Final Long Taste", Darren Schreck




"Sync or Swim", Dir. Cheryl Furjanic


"Tibet: Beyond Fear", Dir: Michael Perlman

Features / Shorts

"Lyle", Dir: Stewart Throndike

"Baren", Producer: Michael Guggen