Men's Leadership Event – Training Camp Live II

This past weekend, I attended an assembly of warriors.

A convened group of men who have dedicated their entire lives towards service; men who are leaders and BUILD leaders, men whose intent is pure, who guide proudly, skillfully, confidently.

Among us on this mission was Chris Reed, 17 year police officer and SWAT veteran, who heard the call, felt the fire, and found he needed to commit to his Beachbody coaching business, this quest in the next stage of his life.

We heard from Scott Mann, FBI trainer and Green Beret, who was among those instrumental in the improbable task of altering the course of the war by embedding with the Iraqi tribes, living among them, inspiring, fighting against invading forces. Staying. And as they stayed and fought, night after night, they gained the trust of the tribesmen, til the night when the tribesmen too rose to their rooftops and joined the fight, becoming such a unified force that they repelled the extremist terrorist invaders.

One man in the group had paid for his attendance while having eleven dollars in the bank. Eleven. Because our passion for what we offer peoples' lives gives us purpose, gives us mission. It is an irrepressible call to service.

For two days, dawn to dusk, we heard from leaders upon leaders upon leaders. Professionals. Beachbody coaches.

At one point, those among the 500 men there attending were asked to stand: if they were military, police officers, firemen, first responders.


Half the room stood. Were recognized, were honored.


These men there assembled are LEADERS and developers OF leaders, trained, charged men on a mission to seize their own personal & professional legacy, change lives, achieve financial freedom for themselves and their families, and leave a legacy of impact in those whose lives they touch.

These are men of honor, integrity, respect. They have experienced firsthand the passion, the power, the significance of this transformational journey, and it SO moved them, SO charged them and changed their lives, they could not NOT become coaches & advance this change in others' lives–– dedicating their time and energy as professionals providing healthcare, job opportunities, LIFE opportunities.

Christian Meador Daniel Wagoner Shane Minton Nolan Eller Tj ThompsonBryan T. McLeod Mark Briggs Scott Mann

Jim Vance John Heller Tim Mills Matt Richard Dan Vukmirovich David Ingram Dave Ward Jimmy Hays Nelson

And to all the women & men who coach to move mountains and change lives: It is an honor to work alongside you.


These men are not suckers. They are not predators looking to take advantage of gullible prey. They are not salesmen. They are WARRIORS fighting for the honor bestowed of being permitted to alter the trajectory of peoples' lives, open avenues of possibility, physically, mentally, spiritually. And I mean that absolutely and completely.

It was an HONOR to be among them, learning techniques of advancing the value I can tie to the passion I have for devoting myself to those I seek to serve. It is an honor to stand alongside them in this mission.

When you see me post about capitalizing on your potential, on SEIZING LIFE–– (there's a reason why I head the team Carpe Vitam), I want you to realize something:


Motivation, Inspiration––– those are but mere flashy fireworks in the sky. Beautiful to behold as they sparkle and glisten, only to fade into smoke then nothingness after the flash has passed. THAT is not what I want, for me or for you.

I WANT TO MOVE you. To ENGAGE you. To spur such a deep wellsprung NEED in you for change that you cannot stifle the visceral NEED to pursue your very best self––– to kick complacency in the face, welcome uncomfortability, and frickin STRIVE, man! DEMAND more from life! DEMAND that becoming your best self is a NON-NEGOTIABLE. DO NOT suffer a sub-optimal life, for you OR your family. Rise to be the very best of which you are capable. Accept no ceiling to your possibilities––– because when you DO see them? They're self-imposed.

You are responsible for every single thing in your life. The good, the bad: there is no blame on anyone else: you are responsible. You are responsible for how you respond to stimuli: your mindset controls how you experience EVERYTHING––– how you CHOOSE to see what has happened, what opportunities exist, and best paths forward.

I WANT YOU TO ACT. I want you to EXPERIENCE the life-changing path that has so significantly altered my life, adjusted my character and set me looking skyward in devotion to helping develop others' capacity and leadership–– to OWN their lives. I want you to permit yourself to tap into parts of you that you maybe never kew existed. Killer abs and a slimmer waistline perhaps–– because self-image IS important-- that's psychological and very real–– but I want you to experience the CONFIDENCE in your SELF that goes far beyond your shape, your statistics, paltry comparisons to plastic ideals. I want you to allow yourself permission to become the person you were meant to be.

I needed to become a coach–– not to take anything from you, but to give you my all.

Wait. Strike that. That's not true. I do want something from you. Your misery. Your pain. Your long-term suffering. The excuses that have held you back and made you think you're not worth more in your life. I want your complacency, your comfort with less than what you CAN and KNOW you are capable of achieving in your life–– that damning prison of comfortability that has stifled you and held you back, eroding your aspirations to burnt embers.

I am THIRSTY for you to give that up–– to surrender it–– to hand it over to me. I want to take that ALL away from you and instead gift you with the chance to birthe someone new: the YOU that you were meant to be. A force electrified with prospects for looking out at the world with new eyes. An amplified character devoted towards wellness of body, clearness of purpose, passionate intensity of drive, of vigor, of mission, of LIFE.

My passion is to guide you through that metamorphosis. I am PROUD to stand along with our nation's bravest–– those soldiers, those firemen, those police officers, those first responders––– whose mission in service aligns them with me in coaching: developing leaders. Helping develop LIVES to fuller potential.

Do you want to see what is within you? Do you want to reveal it, to capitalize on it, to SEIZE the possible future that is within your grasp if only you permit yourself to take it?

Message me. I'm looking for five people this month. Five people who are frickin serious about this. Who are ready to transform their lives. I want to focus on five people this month who are ready for this change. Give me the honor of helping you unveil that life you have waiting for you and you will receive the impact of that which charged me with this purpose. The strength of purpose YOU bring will be met & returned 10-fold. You will get my everything.