Patience & Hustle

"Patience & Hustle: two traits which, woven together, elicit a friction, definitely– but that's how pearls are formed."

– Gary Vaynerchuk

Y'ever get that? Y'ever really have a problem with one of those two? Have you ever started on a goal SUPER MOTIVATED--- and then the hard work begins... and continues... and sand gets in the gears and you've gotta learn a lot to move forward, and success is nowhere in sight... Do you dig deeper? Do you give up? Or do you GET to your finished product, smile & say Yay! I'm done! It's Finished!

As if anything ever is EVER "finished". Try. Test. Fail. Revise. Try. Test. Test Alt version. Fail. Adapt. Revise. Drawingboard. Try. Succeed. Try harder. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

-- That's the patience part. If it pisses you off that you don't hit a homerun every time you step up to the plate, then you don't got the chops for success. You've got to LOVE failure–– you have to have it within you to try 30 different ways before learning and advancing further. Your thirst has to be patient, play the long game.

Or––– You can hustle like a madman, go days without sleep–– but if you're not focusing on the right things, and though you're grinding away, it's at such minutia that the larger monster you should be tackling has already crushed Tokyo while you're whittling at its toenails?

Patience & Hustle. Together. In unison.

You can gain the thrust of momentum and translate motivation into activation & bust your ASS to focus on your health & get in shape––– you can show up EVERY SINGLE DAY and leave it ALL out on the mat––– but you're not gonna be crushing out 100 pullups at the end of the first month. Hustle. Patience.

You can decide you're gonna do the NY Marathon, and spend 2 months training up from couch potato-hood, and you're gonna have to work hard and work CONSISTENTLY, but you're gonna have to start out running 5Ks & 10Ks first, on your slow ascent. If you didn't leave yourself enough time for that climb? Good luck! Hustle. Patience.

You can put in put in 2 long hard weeks with Rosetta Stone in anticipation of a spring break get-away, but if late one night you find yourself‪#‎brainblitheringlydrunk‬ in a back-alley den of debauchery in darkest Tijuana, the linguistic talents gained in that half month cram session very likely are not going to get you back to your hotel. Face it: if you didn't have the patience to spend a year learning the language, you're sleeping in the gutter and waking up with a face tattoo. Hustle. Patience.

If you want the success that you thirst for in your heart, you're gonna have to bring it. And you're gonna have to bring it. And you're gonna have to bring it. Day in, Day out. Over and over. Without the satisfaction of seeing success. Without the buzzword immediate gratification. Know in your heart that it's worth it––– or if it's not, then get OUT of it and find what is.

You're not gonna have 6 pack abs in 3 weeks. You're just not. You've gotta bring the noise. Persistently. You've gotta make massive hustle your vibe. Yeah, that means you'll miss basketball with the guys. Yeah, that means you'll miss Game of Thrones.

But I mean really: you've got one life. You'll only be as young, as voraciously thirsty for your goals––– as you are right now. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

So you better bring it. Over. And over. And over again.