Shirts Vs Skins

We were in the middle of an amazing time, but then I realized: I was THAT Dad.

This stuff's tough to talk about, but I gotta be real:

A short while ago, the fam & I went on a quick vacation getaway, out to Great Wolf Lodge. HUGE waterpark with amazing waterslides––– we had a blast.

But I'd spent over a month on the road for work living out of a hotel, editing a trailer for Captain America: Civil War, & nutrition REALLY suffered. Working 12, 14, 18 hour days... there were no workouts going on, and the weight really piled on.

So we hit the waterpark, my family & I, and we were walking around the enormous pools, and I realized I was That Guy. Shirt Dad. SOME dads were there with their kids, in the shape that not long ago I had. Pretty danged ripped. And then there were the dads walking around in the water with their kids with their soaked t-shirts on, disguising (not disguising) the big ole belly underneath.

Body image is an important thing, and it ain't just for the ladies. And if you can rock solid confidence totin' a huge barrel on your chest & and back hair and a monk's bald crown––– dude–– then you rock it. Good on ya, hero–– and I mean that. Good on ya. But being self-conscious & knowing you're not at your best affects your confidence, it affects how you interact, it affects your experience.

Dude, it affects a lot.

Like the out of shape dad doing that little sad shuffle run with his kid at soccer practice vs. the athletic confidence of a David Beckham who could make the trot to a public restroom into a predatory masculine tour de force–– let's face it: who do you wanna be? How do you want your kids to remember their dad growing up? Is getting healthy, and instilling in your kids the habits of eating right, fitting in fitness AND YEAH--- LOOKING like you do--- does that reap benefits both for your family AND your self-image? Bet your ass it does.

I'm in the middle of Tony Horton's 22 Minute Hard Corps; half an hour I fit into every morning, EVEN THOUGH I work super-long hours sometimes into the late evening. I fit it in. You've got excuses or results, not both–– so I'm at it.

Self-esteem's real stuff–– affects your day to day. And like Ned Stark says, "Summer is coming".

My June group, where folk come into a private Facebook group & show support, motivation, encouragement & tips–– is right at the brink of starting–– if there's some ‪#‎SHIRTDADs‬ out there that want the confidence of being NON-shirt dads on the beach–– man, now's the time. Even if it's just losing a bit & toning up–– now's the time to join in. We give you the tools to lose that gut. If you've got the willpower, we've got the way. But you've gotta act right now.

Comment below & I'll reach out to you, or message me TODAY. The window for joining is closing Sunday & you'll have to wait til next month's group to get in: and next month we'll already be in the middle of beach weather. And we know how much the kids wanna go to the beach.