Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day weekend.


For our kids, it's a great day of no school. For many of us, it's a great day of barbeque, hot dogs, hamburgers, pools, tans, brews, and relaxation.


But for the few, the brave–– it's ever so much more than that.


I was speaking with a friend I deeply admire, deeply respect, who served in Airborne.


"No one wants to die but the unit I was with–– we all had the willingness to die for the man next to us."


So few ever actually serve–– myself among those who did not–– it would be tough to truly comprehend the depth of that devotion. These men and women who wore the uniform–– they chose to interrupt their lives when they heard the call to serve, to protect our ability to go about; getting haircuts and going to work, caring for our kids and seeing them off to school each day, preparing dinner and relaxing with some late night tv.


They chose a path of sacrifice such that others could exercise that freedom. And as Christian said: they 'had the willingness to die for the man next to us'. And many did. Leaving behind more than a grateful nation: they left the men and women who fought beside them and made that pledge, who were pained beyond reckoning with that loss.


So as we prepare for our picnics and pool-side fun time–– as we prepare to celebrate our way of life, the good times and togetherness––


Pledge to take a moment, a special moment, on that day, to recognize, honor and remember.


Here, below, comment with how you will dedicate that remembrance: what special way you will observe and give reverence to the lives lost, the courage spent, the currency of freedom extended.


To all I know and do not know who have worn the uniform, to all those who I know and do not know who have made that sacrifice: accept my eternal gratitude.